The Design Dental technicians can fabricate a full range of removable products for your restorative needs. Our removable options are comfortable and esthetic, ensuring patient satisfaction.

Complete Dentures

Our removable technicians use their industry years to design and craft our complete dentures skillfully. They fabricate these prostheses out of high-quality acrylic and denture teeth, so you can be sure your patient is receiving the best materials possible. Our dentures ensure lifelike function, esthetics, and perfect fit. We fulfill every case to meet the needs and specifications of your patients so that they can be comfortable and confident with their new smile. Designed to offer a perfect fit, these dentures eliminate any risk of slippage or discomfort.

Flexible Partials

We craft flexible partials from metal and acrylic-free materials for natural and comfortable solutions. They are great for patients who are sensitive or allergic to metal or acrylic. Using innovative processes and materials, these partials offer advanced retention, comfort, esthetics, and strength. You can also improve patient satisfaction by reducing chair time and invasive procedures. Our team skillfully crafts these partials so you can be confident when prescribing these partials to your patients.

Cast Partials

Our cast partials are skillfully crafted from the highest quality nickel and beryllium-free metal alloys. We fabricate the partials to be exceptionally thin, which ensures lightweight comfort for your patients. In addition, we use the latest CAD/CAM equipment to allow for high tensile strength, a precise fit, and easy adjustability.

Acrylic Partials

Acrylic partials are durable and esthetic removable solutions for partially edentulous patients. Our in-house removable technicians craft every acrylic RPD skillfully to ensure we fulfill each case with a superior restoration. Our acrylic partials offer exceptional esthetics and blend smoothly with your patient’s natural oral environment. We utilize the best acrylic material available.