Design Dental is your resource for expert services. From denture reline and repair to dental appliances, our team has the solution you need for your case.

Reline & Repair

Has your patient’s denture broken, or is it no longer fitting correctly? You can rely on the Design Dental team to fix either of these issues quickly and efficiently through our reline and repair services. Your patient’s happiness depends on being able to use their denture. Going without their prosthesis will cause embarrassment and frustration. Alleviate these issues quickly with our team.

Standard Splint

Design Dental offers high-quality splints that will protect your patient’s teeth from nighttime bruxism. Our splints provide a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth to eliminate the chance of teeth grinding against each other. They also help with other negative repercussions from nighttime bruxism, including jaw pain, headaches, and more.


Our technicians will fabricate high-quality retainers for any of your patients interested in additional security to prevent their dentition from shifting after alignment treatment. Our retainers are crafted from carefully selected material to ensure longevity and effectiveness.